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The deliberate ending of a pregnancy at an early stage (induced abortion) or the loss of pregnancy naturally before twenty weeks of gestation (spontaneous abortion or “miscarriage”)

IT: Abortodelete

FR: Avortementdelete


An examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause or extent of a disease

IT: Biopsiadelete

FR: Biopsiedelete

Breast ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging of the breast

IT: Mammografiadelete

FR: Échographie mammairedelete


Narrow neck-line passage forming the lower end of the uterus

IT: Collo dell’uterodelete

FR: Col de l’utérusdelete

Chronic disease

It is a disease that persists over a long period of time. People with chronic disease often think that they are free from the disease when they have no symptoms. Having no symptoms, however, does not necessarily mean that chronic disease has disappeared.

IT: Malattia cronicadelete

FR: Maladie chroniquedelete


A medical examination of the cervix using a special instrument

IT: Colposcopiadelete

FR: Colposcopiedelete

Consultation room

A room where a doctor examines and talks to patients.

See also: Doctor’s surgery, Outpatient clinic

IT: Ambulatoriodelete

FR: Cabinet médicaldelete, Service des consultations externesdelete


A thin-walled hollow organ or cavity containing a liquid secretion

IT: Cistedelete

FR: Kystedelete

Day hospital

A facility where a person is admitted for surgical or medical treatment and discharged on the same day.

IT: Day hospital (DH)delete

FR: Hôpital de jourdelete


The process of giving birth

IT: Partodelete

FR: Accouchementdelete

Doctor’s surgery

The doctor’s surgery is the same as a doctor's office. It's the place where a doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner treats or advises patients.

See also: Consultation room, Outpatient clinic

IT: Ambulatoriodelete

FR: Cabinet médicaldelete

Drug’s administration techniques

A route of administration in pharmacology is the path by which a substance, such as a drug, is taken into the body.

IT: Modalità di assunzionedelete

FR: Modalité d’administration des médicamentsdelete

Ectopic pregnancy

A pregnancy in which a fertilised egg implants itself outside the uterus

IT: Gravidanza ectopicadelete

FR: Grossesse extra-utérinedelete

Emergency department

The department of a hospital responsible for the provision of medical and surgical care to patients arriving at the hospital in need of immediate care. Emergency department personnel may also respond to certain situations within the hospital such cardiac arrests. The emergency department is also called the emergency room or ER.

IT: Pronto soccorsodelete, Pronto soccorsodelete

FR: Service des urgencesdelete


A condition in which cells from the lining of the uterus grow outside the uterus

IT: Endometriosidelete

FR: Endométriosedelete

External genitalia

Visible organs of the reproductive system (male external genitalia: penis, scrotum; female external genitalia: vulva)

IT: Gravidanza ectopicadelete

FR: Organes génitaux externesdelete


A benign cancer of muscular and fibrous tissues, typically developing in the wall of the uterus

IT: Fibromadelete

FR: Fibromedelete

First aid

Immediate and temporary care given on site to the victim(s) of an accident or sudden illness in order to avert complications, lessen suffering and sustain the person(s) until competent services or a physician can be obtained.

IT: Primo soccorsodelete

FR: Premiers secoursdelete

General practitioner (GP)

Treats all common medical conditions and refers patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment. He focuses on the health of the whole person combining physical, psychological and social aspects of care. He is also known as ‘family doctor’.

IT: Medico di famigliadelete

FR: Médecin généralistedelete

General Register Office

An office that holds record of births, deaths marriages and issues the relevant certificates

IT: Anagrafe e Stato civiledelete

FR: Bureau de l’État Civildelete

Health educator

Health educators teach individuals and communities how to live healthier lifestyles. They instruct them on nutrition and the avoidance of unhealthy activities like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. A health educator's goal is to provide people with tools that allow them to avoid developing life-threatening health issues.

IT: Assistente sanitariodelete

FR: Éducateur de santédelete

Homeopathic medicinal product

A homoeopathic medicinal product is defined in European legislation as: "Any medicinal product prepared from substances called homeopathic stocks in accordance with a homeopathic manufacturing procedure described by the European Pharmacopoeia or, in the absence thereof, by the pharmacopoeias currently used officially in the Member States. A homeopathic medicinal product may contain a number of principles".

IT: Medicinale omeopaticodelete

FR: Médicament homéopathiquedelete


A system of treating diseases in which sick people are given very small amounts of natural substances that, in healthy people, would produce the same effects as the diseases produce.

IT: Omeopatiadelete

FR: Homéopathiedelete


Admission to hospital for treatment

IT: Ospedalizzazionedelete

FR: Hospitalisationdelete

HPV test

A laboratory test in which cells are tested for DNA or RNA from certain types of human Papillomavirus

IT: HPV testdelete

FR: Test de dépistage du cancer du col de l’utérusdelete


A surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus

IT: Isterectomiadelete

FR: Hystérectomiedelete


A condition in which bacteria or viruses that cause disease have entered the body

IT: Infezionedelete

FR: Infectiondelete

Integration agreement

It is an agreement signed between the Italian government and non-EU citizens aimed at facilitating the integration of foreign nationals. It must be signed by all foreign citizens over 16 years of age who request a residence permit. The agreement is based on a system of credits and it is valid for 2 years

IT: Accordo di integrazionedelete

FR: Accord d’intégrationdelete


The process of childbirth from the start of uterine contractions to delivery

IT: Travagliodelete

FR: Travaildelete


A technique using X-rays to diagnose and locate tumours of the breasts

IT: Mammografiadelete

FR: Mammographiedelete

Medically assisted procreation

A range of techniques that enable infertile couples to have a child

IT: Procreazione medicalmente assistita (PMA)delete

FR: Procréation médicalement assistée (PMA)delete


Disease caused by infection with a fungus

IT: Fungodelete

FR: Mycosedelete


A smooth, non cancerous tumour that may develop in or around the uterus

IT: Miomadelete

FR: Myomedelete

National Contact Point

An information centre established at the Ministry of Health, which provides information to facilitate access to cross-border healthcare within the European Union

IT: Punto di Contatto Nazionaledelete

FR: Point de Contact Nationaldelete


A physician or surgeon qualified to practise in obstetrics

IT: -

FR: -

Office of Health Service

An office for resident and non-resident citizens (Italian and foreign), which provides the following services: registration with the national health system, issuing and updating your health card, updating of personal data, etc.

IT: Anagrafe sanitariadelete

FR: Bureau de l’Agence Locale de Santédelete

Outpatient clinic

Outpatient clinic (UK/US): a place in which outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, often connected to a hospital. An outpatient is someone who receives treatment at a hospital but does not spend the night there.

See also: Consultation room, Doctor’s surgery

IT: -

FR: -


A female reproductive organ in which ova or eggs are produced

IT: Ovaiadelete

FR: Ovairedelete


A pediatrician is a doctor who treats newborns, children, adolescents. Pediatricians play an important role in the health and wellbeing of the child. They prevent, detect and manage physical, behavioral and developmental issues that affect children.

IT: Pediatra di libera sceltadelete

FR: Pédiatredelete

Pap test

A procedure to test for cervical cancer in women

IT: Pap testdelete

FR: Frottis cervicaldelete


Shop that sells pharmaceutical products for which a medical prescription is not required. These are commonly called non-prescription and over the counter (OTC) products.

IT: Parafarmaciadelete

FR: Parapharmaciedelete

Parent counselling service

It’s a type of service/facility that aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance and support to parents without any bias or judgement. (or Counselling/Free clinic)

IT: Consultorio familiaredelete

FR: Centre de consultation familialedelete


It is a shop or a department in a shop where medicines are sold or given out

IT: Farmaciadelete

FR: Pharmaciedelete


The condition of being pregnant, which means that a child is developing in the uterus

IT: Gravidanzadelete

FR: Grossessedelete


An official piece of paper on which a doctor writes the type of medicine you should have, and which enables you to get it from a chemist's.

IT: Ricettadelete

FR: Ordonnancedelete


An expert or specialist in psychology

IT: Psicologodelete

FR: Psychologuedelete


The period of about six weeks after childbirth during which the mother’s reproductive organs return to their original non-pregnant condition

IT: Puerperiodelete

FR: Puerpéralitédelete


The directing of a patient to a medical specialist by a GP

IT: -

FR: -

Reproductive system

Organ system by which humans reproduce

IT: Apparato riproduttivodelete

FR: Appareil génitaldelete

Residence permit

In Italy the residence permit is issued by the state police and must be requested by a foreign citizen to be allowed to reside in the country for more than 8 days, or for more than 90 days if having a travel visa. It is not required for EU citizens

IT: Permesso di soggiornodelete

FR: Permis de séjourdelete

Revenue Agency

It is an Italian governmental agency, which enforces the financial code of Italy and collects taxes and revenue.

IT: Agenzia delle Entratedelete

FR: Direction Générale des Impôtsdelete, Bureau de la Direction Générale des Impôtsdelete

Sexual maturity

The capability of an organism to reproduce

IT: Maturità sessualedelete

FR: Maturité sexuelledelete

Sexually transmitted infections

Infections which usually pass from one person to another through sexual contact (HIV, Papillomavirus, genital herpes, hepatitis A, B and C, and so on)

IT: Infezioni sessualmente trasmissibilidelete

FR: Maladies/Infections sexuellement transmissibles (MST/IST)delete

Sickness certificate

A certificate from a doctor confirming the state of someone’s health

IT: Certificato medicodelete

FR: Certificat de maladiedelete

Side effect

An effect (not necessarily negative) of a drug, medical treatment, or vaccine (= a substance put into a person's body to stop them getting a disease) that happens in addition to the main intended effect.

IT: Effetto collateraledelete

FR: Effet secondairedelete

Social security number

The tax identification number provides a means of identification of foreign citizens in their relations with public authorities and other administrations. Citizens who are also entitled to health care from the National Health Service are issued with the Health Insurance Card (which also contains the social security number). (or Tax identification number)

IT: Codice fiscaledelete

FR: Numéro de sécurité socialedelete

Social worker

A person who works for the social services providing help and support for people who need it

IT: Assistente socialedelete

FR: Assistant socialdelete


The inability to conceive a child

IT: Sterilitàdelete

FR: Stérilitédelete


A physical or mental feature which is regarded as indicating a condition of disease

IT: Sintomodelete

FR: Symptômedelete

Tax register information system

Centre for gathering and processing data of financial interest concerning all natural persons, companies and entities to which an identification code has been attributed by the Revenue Agency

IT: Anagrafe tributariadelete

FR: Bureau de la Direction Générale des Impôtsdelete


The process of quickly examining patients who are taken to a hospital in order to decide which ones are the most seriously ill and must be treated first.

IT: (Sistema) Triagedelete

FR: Triagedelete

Tubal ligation

A type of permanent birth control in which the fallopian tubes are cut, tied or blocked to permanently prevent pregnancy

IT: Chiusura delle tubedelete

FR: Ligature des tubes utérinesdelete


1. A malignant growth or tumour resulting from an uncontrolled division of cells 2. A disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body (Or Cancer)

IT: Tumoredelete

FR: Tumeurdelete

Unified Reservation Centre

A system that enables you to book or cancel a visit

IT: Centro Unico di Prenotazione (CUP)delete

FR: Centre de Réservation Uniquedelete


The organ in the body of a woman in which a baby develops before birth

IT: Uterodelete

FR: Utérusdelete


The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease. Vaccines train your immune system to create antibodies, just as it does when it’s exposed to a disease.

IT: Vaccinazionedelete

FR: Vaccinationdelete


The muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women

IT: Vaginadelete

FR: Vagindelete

Vital signs

Measurements that show the condition of someone's health or that show that somebody is alive, such as body temperature, rate of breathing and oxygen blood saturation, heartbeat and blood pressure.

IT: Parametri vitalidelete

FR: Constantes vitalesdelete


Any rounded excrescence on the skin

IT: Verrucadelete

FR: Verruedelete