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Narrow neck-line passage forming the lower end of the uterus

IT: Collo dell’uterodelete

FR: Col de l’utérusdelete

Chronic disease

It is a disease that persists over a long period of time. People with chronic disease often think that they are free from the disease when they have no symptoms. Having no symptoms, however, does not necessarily mean that chronic disease has disappeared.

IT: Malattia cronicadelete

FR: Maladie chroniquedelete


A medical examination of the cervix using a special instrument

IT: Colposcopiadelete

FR: Colposcopiedelete

Consultation room

A room where a doctor examines and talks to patients.

See also: Doctor’s surgery, Outpatient clinic

IT: Ambulatoriodelete

FR: Cabinet médicaldelete, Service des consultations externesdelete


A thin-walled hollow organ or cavity containing a liquid secretion

IT: Cistedelete

FR: Kystedelete