Find a para-pharmacy near you (Google Maps)


A pharmacy is a health facility for the community which is always open and plays a role in welcoming, informing and listening to the population.

To find out which is the nearest open pharmacy, visit this website: LINK.


In pharmacy you can get advice and first aid as well as health information. The community pharmacy offers services that private pharmacies often do not, some of which are:

  • Low prices compared to market values;
  • Distribution of biocidal products such as disinfectants and insecticides;
  • Possibility of hiring orthopaedic and health aids;
  • Blood pressure control.



Pharmacies sell medicines prescribed by a doctor with a prescription, while “parapharmacies” only sell non-prescription medicines.

“Parapharmacie” can also sell food supplements, homeopathic drugs and medical devices.

Non-prescription drugs are so-called ‘over-the-counter’ (OTC) – which in Italian are known as « farmaci da banco » – and those “without prescription” (SOP).

Only a licensed pharmacist can sell drugs, because he must also inform the customer about drug’s administration techniques, interactions, side effects.

Pharmacy and “parapharmacie” can apply the unfreezing of prices, which is a percentage of discount on the price of drugs.



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