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Day hospital

A facility where a person is admitted for surgical or medical treatment and discharged on the same day.

IT: Day hospital (DH)delete

FR: Hôpital de jourdelete


The process of giving birth

IT: Partodelete

FR: Accouchementdelete

Doctor’s surgery

The doctor’s surgery is the same as a doctor's office. It's the place where a doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner treats or advises patients.

See also: Consultation room, Outpatient clinic

IT: Ambulatoriodelete

FR: Cabinet médicaldelete

Drug’s administration techniques

A route of administration in pharmacology is the path by which a substance, such as a drug, is taken into the body.

IT: Modalità di assunzionedelete

FR: Modalité d’administration des médicamentsdelete