Out-of-hours GP service


What it is

The Out-of-hours GP service is a primary care out-of-hours service, which can give you assistance when your General practitioner is not available.

The Out of Hours doctor treats health problems, which cannot wait while GP surgeries are closed (nondeferrable situations).

What it does

When strictly necessary, the Out-of-Hours doctor can:

  • make home visits
  • write a prescription
  • give sickness certificates
  • suggest hospitalization

When you need to pay

This service is free of charge for FVG residents. Remember your ID and your Health Insurance Card.

For the Tourist Medical Guard service only, you need to pay a ticket. So, if you are a tourist, remember to bring with you your ID, a visa if required, your Health Insurance Card and the money to pay the ticket.

When it is available

Usually, Out-of-Hours doctors work by night, on Saturday and Sunday, during holidays and holiday eves: for example, on 25 April (holiday) and on 24 April (holiday eve). Always check timetables and phone numbers.

The Tourist Medical Guard service is available for some months, usually from May to September.

Do not call

  • for emergencies. In this case, call 112 
  • for medical examinations or if you need to see a specialist. In this case call your general practitioner.

For standard requests, you should contact your GP (family doctor). If you have problems contacting your GP, you should call your Local Health Authority (Azienda Sanitaria Locale-ASL).

Here are the links to the Local Health Authorities (Aziende Sanitarie Locali-ASL) in Friuli Venezia Giulia:

Where it is located

Find Out of Hours GP services near you here or here (enter a location)

Here are the internet web pages of the Local Health Authorities about Out of Hours GP services in Friuli Venezia Giulia:


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Source: Urgent and necessary treatment in Italy (salute.gov.it)

Always ask your doctor for clarification and information. HFVG declines all responsibility for the incorrect use of the information contained in this page”.

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