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HFVG is an educational and research project started in 2016.  It aims to communicate Health in a readable and effective way in several languages. It has been conceived as a writing and translation laboratory, where Italian and international academics and experts in “clear writing” are involved. Participants are students, trainees and tutors of the Degree Courses in Foreign Languages and Literatures and in Cultural Mediation of the University of Udine. The site is divided into sections corresponding to the different recipients of information. Each page is translated into Italian, French and English.

We hope you will find the information useful and readable. Please leave us a feedback to hfvg @ uniud.it.

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Who we are

Coordinator: Sara Vecchiato (DILL, Udine University)

Sonia Gerolimich, Iris Jammernegg, Nickolas Komninos, Deborah Saidero (DILL Department, Udine University).

Antonina Dattolo (SASWeb Laboratory, DMIF Department, Udine University).

Based on an idea by Nickolas Komninos

Participants and collaborators

Tutors: Damiano Miraglia, Sabrina Nadalini, Floriana Sciumbata, Elisa Seculin.

Interns: Afaf Boudiaf; Marta Cecchetti; Christine Di Cecca; Laura Khijniakov; Chiara Palamin; Erika Spoto.

: Erica Antonucci; Sara Rebecca Atzori; Mara Bettucci; Nicol Bellini; Alice Bisel; Agata Cervesato; Tamima Dao; Victor Di Giannatale; Giulia Dilena; Gaetano Dimita; Rebecca Gregoris; Mirco Ianese; Elisa Iob; Valentina Leonetti; Stefanye Leon Alvarez; Debora Marson; Elia A. Martina; Marina Munafò; Beatrice Nassiz; Eleonora Nassiz; Alessia Nobile; Camilla Pin; Emanuela Piras; Luana Ritosa; Attilia Salvador; Esmeralda Saraci; Elena Stocovaz; Andra Tarnauceanu; Aldo Tomat; Cristina Tonini; Toffee Vanelli; Federica Vianello; Giulia Xodo; Alessandro Zuliani.

Thesis students: Irene Tieppo.